Frequently asked questions about wildlife in Tanzania

Frequently asked questions about wildlife in Tanzania

Did you know that there are some questions you need to ask your tour guide? If you count the number of tourists that visit Tanzania, a great number of them specifically visit for wildlife. The wildlife tours offer the best insights into the wild animals in Tanzania. When you come for a wildlife tour in Tanzania, there is always so much to expect depending on your itinerary. If you are interested in getting the best out of your tour, there are certain preparations that you should consider-you have to ensure that you know what you want; and you should be in a position to choose the best tour that shall cater for your goals and budget. As part of ensuring that you get the best service, you should be in a position to ask several questions to your tour guide in order to make the best decision about your trip. There are many questions for you to ask and some of them include:

What are some of the expectations?

In most cases, you don’t even need to ask this question to your tour operator because it is well answered in your itinerary. When you ready your itinerary very careful, the itinerary shall detail every little aspect of your journey from start to finish. This is where you find that answer of what to expect. The reason for you to know your expectations is to ensure that the expectations line up with travel goals and ambitions. In case you feel that after reading through a particular tour itinerary, you still feel that there is nothing that represents your interest; switch to another tour itinerary. Ensure that you expectations don’t go beyond your budget. They should be affordable and easily catered for by your budget.

How much do I have to pay for a wildlife tour?

You have to understand that the tour prices are not uniform. They are varying mostly depending on the type of tourist that you are; if you are a luxurious tourist, expect the prices to be high and if you are a budget tourist, expect the prices to be low. It is easy to determine the kind of tourist you are: you base that depending on your accommodation and transport choices, all those prices are included as part of your overall tour price. In case you prefer high-end services, you are categorized as a luxury tourist and vice versa.

Which is the best national park to visit during my wildlife tour?

Actually, I can’t give you a definite answer but all I can tell you is that it all depends on your interest. You should be able to choose a national park depending on your expectation and budget. There are tourists who are really interested in viewing different experiences - if you are interested in viewing tree-climbing lions, I would suggest that you visit Lake Manyara national park and not Serengeti national park. There are specific experiences that only available in certain parks that is why it is so necessary to understand your interest.

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