Things you didn’t know about tour guides in Tanzania

Things you didn’t know about tour guides in Tanzania

Things you did not know about tour guides in Tanzania

The tour guide is basically someone who drives and shows tourists the different tourists’ attractions. The reason why their need is that when a tourist is visiting the place like say for the first time, they lack the actually know of how to get to the place, what to do, whom to consult when you get to a destination and so many others that is why they have to hire the services of the local tour guide to help them in their navigation process. In Tanzania, when you are coming for a safari, you normally book with the tour operator and it’s the tour operator to give or decide the guide for your trip. Here are some of the other things you need to know about guides in Tanzania;

Guides in Tanzania are employed by tour operators.

The tour company provides services of tourism consultancies and helping the tourists enjoy the best of their trips by taking them to the intended tourist’s attraction depending on their chosen itinerary. Tour operator companies are organized companies who at least employ the following people-the tour guide, he is the one who is responsible for driving the tourists to their intended attractions; reservation manager-the role of the reservation manager to help those tourists who want to come to Tanzania with a wide range of choice until they choose a tour that favors their pockets and ambitions. There are other important positions but the most important ones are those listed above.

Tour guides are always knowledgeable about destinations.

Tour guides are always the best people for the job of accompanying tourists to several tourist destinations because they are knowledgeable about the destinations. Tour guides acquire knowledge as a result of so many years of experiences traveling with tourists. In addition, tour guides also go to a school where they acquire all the necessary skills of being good tour guides.

The majority of the tour guides are males.

The males account for the largest number of tour guides. I don’t know why there are very few limited female guides yet females know how to drive cars. I believe most of them have not tapped into this kind of opportunity and I know the future is bright for the female tour guides because we are seeing them increasing in number every day.

Most tour guides are part of the Tanzania tour guide association.

Most of the tour guides are part of the Tanzania tour guide association an association that was select to represent and offer several services to the tour guides who are members.

Tour guides graduate from guide’s training school

The number of guide’s training schools is on the increase because of the high demand in the tourism sector. Certified guides go through serious training to become professional guides.

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