Why you are supposed to stay in designated tracks in national parks in Tanzania.

Why you are supposed to stay in designated tracks in national parks in Tanzania.

Why you are supposed to stay in designated tracks in national parks in Tanzania.

One of the number one rules that guides are aware of is staying in designated tracks in national parks, why is this necessary?

To preserve wildlife

In a national park, there are simple non-tarmacked roads that you use when driving through the park. It is easy to create your own track by driving the way you want because, in most national parks, the grass is short enough, and plan is such a possibility. It is highly important to stay on designated tracks to protect wildlife. When you talk of wildlife, people always reference it with big animals that are so visible.  There are numerous wild creatures that are not visible unless you come very close to the ground, for example, it may be difficult for you to recognize a chameleon or an insect from a far place unless you are that close. Such wildlife is important in the parks in order to support the ecosystem and some serve as big attractions for most tourists. If you decide to drive anyhow in the parks, it is easy to keep on endangering such wildlife. And because of that reason, many national parks in Tanzania hinder tourists and tour guides from driving in other parts apart from the designated routes.

To preserve flora

Apart from the wildlife, there are varying plants and natures that can be endangered if you start to drive through any section that you want. One thing that you must know is that there is nothing that is useless inside the national parks. Everything is highly important.  That simple plant that you think has no use could be the best food for the herbivore's animal and an important part of its diet. And by eliminating such a plant, means you are indirectly endangering the rest of the ecosystem. If you start to drive through anywhere you want, it is highly possible that you shall destroy all the living plants as you try to create your own track. Simply follow the rules for the best of wildlife in Tanzania.

Some of the areas are territories for animals.

Most animals have their own territories inside the park. The territories may not have any fenced identification but it is still a territory. Territories are always preserved by dangerous animals like lions and they are more than willing to kill anything that appears to endanger their territories. If you go in their territories, there are chances that you shall not escape the wrath of such animals. To avoid such incidences, it is always better to stay in the designated tracks in national parks.  And if you want to practice respecting the law, you start by respecting the law. I would call respecting such laws a process for practicing the law. Laws are everywhere and we are supposed to keep them.

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