Top 12 Books You Should Read Before Going On An African Safari Tour

Top 12 Books You Should Read Before Going On An African Safari Tour

Without a doubt, Africa is one of the best places in the world to spend your holiday. From vast wildernesses teeming with a wide array of wildlife through the pristine beaches to the historical sites, it offers you a wealth of opportunities to explore. Every year, millions of people set foot on the magnificent countries of this huge continent. Some of them have taken both the pain and pleasure to write their whole experience down in a book to share with the world. If you’re planning for African Safaris you should grab some of them and start reading. Not only will these make you more knowledgeable, these will also inspire you to be bold and adventurous in your life.

The rise of eBook reading devices like Amazon Kindle and iPad are making reading ever more popular and easier. With them, you can carry over millions of book while making up space for a mere kindergarten notebook. Here are our top 12 picks on African Safaris. Just like the variety of African wildlife Safaris, these books are varied too and range from memoirs to photo collection to stories.

1 - African Air by George Steimetz

Probably the best book to start with, African Air is a compilation of some of the best photographs pictures taken over a period of ten years by renowned exploration photographer George Steinmetz. These photographs represent a birds-eye view of Africa as they’re taken from the top with a motorized paraglider. From migrating herds to beaches to remote villages, this book has covered it all.

2 - Born Free by Joy Adamson

Born Free by Joy Adamson

This book details the heart-warming bonding of Joy Adamson, a naturalist, and Elsa, an orphaned lioness whom she found as a cub. She raised the cub at her home in Kenya, but when she grew old enough to fend for herself, Joy, against her will, decided to return Elsa back to the wild as she was “Born Free” and belonged to the wild.

3 - We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families By Philip Gourevitch

We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

Rated highly by audience and critics alike, these are bone-chilling stories of Rwanda and the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 which killed almost 1 million people of Hutu and Tutsi tribe. Written by Philip Gourevitch, a traveling journalist, this book briefs his travel during the genocide period and his experiences of it.

4 - Gorillas In The Mist By Dian Fossey

Gorillas In The Mist By Dian Fossey

Gorillas in the Mist is one of the most important book ever written about the connection between humans and the natural world which was later adapted into the Academy Award-nominated movie with the same name. It accounts 13 years of experience of Dian Fossey who lived with the mountain gorillas in a remote rainforest of Rwanda. The book is informative, funny, surprising, and somewhat personal and even emotional.

5 - Listening To The Lions By Gloria Whelan

Listening To The Lions

If you are among evil people, you must be like the lion, gathering strength and awaiting your time, “is what the book tells you. It is a children novel (adults can enjoy it as well) which tells a compelling story of a girl who’s forced to leave Africa (British East Africa, present-day Kenya) for England where she faces a new reality of the life of deception. But like a lion, she waits for the opportunity to unleash and break free.

6 - Into Africa by Frans Lanting

Into Africa by Frans Lanting

Written from the viewpoint of a National Geographic photographer, this book serves as an inspiration for those who want to visit Africa primarily for taking stunning pictures of its wildlife and landscapes.

7 - West With The Night By Beryl Markham

West With The Night By Beryl Markham

A memoir by British-Kenyan aviator, Beryl Markham, it details her experiences of growing up in Kenya during the 1900s and then later going on to pursue a career as a bush pilot. She was the first person to fly from east to west of Atlantic on a non-stop flight. The book got very popular soon after its release in 1942, and even after 62 years in 2004, it was ranked 8 in the list of 100 best adventure books by National Geographic Adventure.

8 - Green Hills Of Africa By Ernest Hemingway

Green Hills Of Africa By Ernest Hemingway

A non-fiction novel written by renowned novelist, Ernest Hemingway, the book details a month-long safari trip to East Africa he and his wife took and the experiences they’ve had. If you’re traveling to the Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania, which is a famous birding place, you shouldn’t miss this book as there’s a section in this book solely describing their experiences in this region.

9 - The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony

Written by a South African conservationist based upon his experiences in Thula Thula Game Reserve, this book details an incredible story of him taking charge of a herd of rogue elephants that changed his life forever. You’ll learn a lot about elephant behavior as you start reading this book which will help you on your safari journey.

10 - Don’t Run - Whatever You Do By Peter Allison

Don�t Run - Whatever You Do By Peter Allison

You’ll start the first chapter laughing, and end it with guffawing. This book is a collection of real-life short stories of a Botswana safari tour guide which are highly entertaining and at the same time informative.

11 - My Life With The Chimpanzees By Jane Goodall

My Life With The Chimpanzees

One of the best books from the pen of perhaps the most celebrated naturalist, Jane Goodall, this a treat for those coming to Africa for Gorilla Trekking Tours to see the amazing creates in their natural habitat. This book delineates the life and work of Jane Goodall and the close relationship she had with the chimpanzees in the area, and the dangers she faced in the wild, primarily from predators like lions and leopards.

12 - Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey

Reason For Hope: A Spiritual Journey

We’ll end this list with another Jane Goodall classic. This is an eye-opening memoir which details the life of Jane, her work, and her journey in Africa from a spiritual point of view. Through this book, she tries to offer us an inspiring, intriguing, and optimistic message of never losing your hope no matter how difficult the situation is.

If you’re planning to visit African Safaris anytime soon, you should give some, or if possible, all of these books a shot. You can as well carry some of them and read in your leisure period during transit hours or transfers when you’ve got nothing to do.

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